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Spectra TTM-500 Ultrasonic Transit-Time Flow meter Dedicated

Spectra TTM-500 Ultrasonic Transit-Time Flow meter Dedicated

The Spectra Technologies model TTM-500 Ultrasonic Transit-Time Dedicated flow meter is the first product of its kind to provide accuracies that are equal to or better than wetted surface device counterparts. When properly installed, the accuracy of the TTM-500 can be 1% of rate or better. This high-end performance coupled with ease of installation and low cost make it the perfect flow monitor for even the most demanding process control applications.

The fully programmable electronics package allows the user to configure the unit to the exact application requirements that are desired.

Spectra Technologies line of Transit time flow monitors offers superior cutting edge performance for a wide range of applications. The products have been designed for use for with totally clean liquids to those with up to 2% suspended solids. The latest in digital and microprocessor-based technology has been incorporated into all of the Spectra transit time products. The result is a non-invasive flow monitor that provides accuracies that are equal to invasive, wetted surface devices at a fraction of the cost.

Spectra TTM-500 Technical Specs

Spectra TTM-500 Principle of Operation