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Signal Conditioning Module

Signal Conditioning Module

SCM Series-Signal Conditioning Modules

Vortex Technologies line of signal power conditioners offers the user a wide selection of signal conversion options. The SCM Series is competitively priced DIN rail mount packages that address many common and specialty signal conversion applications. Basic signal conversion applications included DC voltage to current, AC voltage to current, 4-20 ma signal to alarm relay contacts and more. The SCM series offers 24 VDC as well and 120\230 VAC power inputs. Additional SCM modules offer RTD, P100, and Thermocouple, Type K user-specified range inputs and provide single and dual relay contact outputs as well as contact and proportional 0.5 to 4.5 VDC or 1-5 VDC outputs.

These industrial grade signal conversion products offer performance specifications that equal or exceed those of other manufacturers at a price that is 10 to 30 percent below that of other suppliers.