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4-20 ma Control Loop Isolator, Surge Suppressor and EMI\RFI filter

4-20 ma Control Loop Isolator, Surge Suppressor and EMI\RFI filter

This is a multi-function product that provides current loop isolation, industrial surge suppression and effective EM I/ RFI noise filtering for 4-20 ma

control loop applications. An advanced design 10-35 VDC loop powered 4-20 madc isolator designed around galvanometric-based technology provides 1500 VRMS of instantaneous isolation. Accuracy to within ± 0.1%, Linearity better than 0.01%. Adds 15 ohms ± 10% to the control loop.

The surge suppression portions of the circuit are designed to protect sensitive process control equipment and instrumentation from proximity lightning strikes and other transient sources. The multi-stage design utilizes gas ionization-based technology as the primary stage of protection. The secondary stage incorporates a high-speed transient voltage suppression (TVS) circuit.

EMI / RFI noise filtering is accomplished via a broadband passive noise filter. The proprietary common mode filter circuit provides effective elimination of undesirable noise and EMI/RFI from 0.1 Hz to 50 Mhz.

Isolation Type: Galvanometric based
Isolation: Instantaneous, 1500 VRMS
Power: 10-35 VDC
Accuracy: ± 0.1%
Linearity: ± 0.01%
Repeatability: ± 0.02%
Impedance: + 15 ohms ± 10.0%
Operating Temp.: -40°F (-40°C) to 194°F (90°C)
Operating Humidity: 0-99% (non-condensing)

Type: Multistage
Primary Stage: Gas ionization, crowbar action
Maximum Current: 20,000 amps\460 joules
Response Time: 1μs\100 volt rise
Surge Life min.: 400 shots at max. current
Secondary Stage: Transient Voltage Suppressor
TVS bidirectional
Maximum Current: 70 amps
Response Time: <1ns
Clamping Voltage: 36 volts
Surge Life: Unlimited

Type: Passive, broadband, common mode Range: 0.1Hz to 50 MHz